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I'm Kyle Ashburn. I'm a recent graduate of the M.S. in Information Science program at the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (UNC-CH). I hold a B.S. in Information Science from UNC-CH with a minor in History. I also hold an Associates Degree in Business Administration, a Certificate in Data Analytics, and a Certificate in Supervisory Skills from Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio.

I've served first as the SILS Lifetime Library Assistant Database Administrator and most recently as Administrator and Developer for the Lifetime Library. I was privileged to have been the first Student Senate President at Sinclair Community College. I've interned with Sinclair College's Department of Research Analytics and Reporting. I also enjoyed the privilege of participating in the Commercialization Readiness Program run by The Entrepeneur's Center in Dayton, Ohio. Through these experiences I've grown as a leader, a team member, an administrator, and a data worker.

My academic focus was on analytics and dis/misinformation. As I've gone through my education, I've slowly come to the realization that what I really care about is helping people make decisions. To me, that increasingly means that it's important that not only do they make decisions supported by data but that they don't get mislead. That all boils down to a simple credo I try to live my life by which is in the words of the founder of my Community College, David A. Sinclair: "Find the need and endeavor to meet it."

In the time since I've graduated, I've been working on a number of projects ranging from scraping a web serial novel and running analytics on what I scraped to attempting to define and represent an entire information ecosystem. It's been a humbling experience to remember just how much I still have to learn and how much more there is out there to work on.


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